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Town of Jaffrey
Transfer Station/Recycling Center Guidelines

1. The facility is open to all Jaffrey residents and non-resident property owners.

2. All users must obtain a permit sticker from the Town Clerk’s Office, and the sticker must be displayed on the user’s vehicle. Vehicles without stickers will not be permitted to use the facility.

3. Recycling is mandatory in the Town of Jaffrey, and users of the facility must separate recyclable material as follows:

Glass: Clear, green, and brown glass jars and bottles will be placed in the applicable bins. Lids must be removed and the jars/bottles must be rinsed out. Dispose of lids in the trash compactor. Labels do not have to be removed from the glass. No plate or window glass, mirrors, light bulbs, drinking glasses, or ceramic will be accepted.

Aluminum Cans: Beer, soda, and juice cans should be rinsed out. Do not crush. Deposit in applicable bin. Aluminum cans are lighter than steel (tin) cans. Most containers which have tab tops are aluminum. Some cans which have full peel-off tops are not aluminum but steel (tin). Do not deposit steel (tin) cans in the aluminum bin.

Newspaper: Newspaper only, (separate the glossy materials). Keep clean and dry. Must be bagged in paper or plastic bags, or tied in bundles. Place in appropriate cardboard box.

Magazines: Includes magazines, glossy stock, ads from newspapers, mixed paper, telephone books, envelopes (plastic windows must be removed).

Cardboard: Includes American made double-walled, brown cardboard only. No foreign made cardboard such as: plastic coated, cereal, shoe or detergent boxes. Keep clean and dry; should be flattened.

Plastic Milk Jugs: Includes opaque white milk, juice, and water jugs. Rinse out, remove tops, and flatten out. Labels can remain.

Plastic Soda Bottles: Includes clear and colored soda, juice and liquor bottles. Rinse out, remove tops, do not have to be flattened. Labels can remain.

Other Plastic Containers: Includes laundry detergent, shampoo, and soap. Rinse out and remove tops.

Note: Not all of these types of containers are always acceptable. Please refer to the display over the bin or ask an attendant.

Waste Oil: Includes motor or transmission oil. No antifreeze, brake fluid, or transformer oil. Oil should be in suitable containers with lids. Give the container to an attendant. Do not pour the oil in the tank yourself.

Vehicle Batteries: Includes batteries from cars, trucks and motorcycles.

Scrap Metal: Includes all metal and appliances except those appliances that contain CHLOROFLUOROCARBONS (CFCs), i.e.: refrigerators, freezers, air conditioners, and de-humidifiers. Please check with attendant before placing any items in the Scrap Metal pile.

"CFC" Appliance: there is a $10.00 fee to cover the cost of purging CFC’s from these appliances. The fee must be paid at the Town Clerk’s Office. Present the receipt to the attendant when the appliance is taken to the facility and place the appliance where directed by attendant.

Tires: Check with the attendant before placing tires in the Tire Trailer. Proof of vehicle registration is required. Tires on wheels are acceptable.

Brush/Leaves/Untreated Wood: Our Burn Permit allows us to accept leaves, brush and slash five (5) inches or less in diameter, and untreated wood/untreated dimensional lumber with an end cross-sectional area of twenty-four (24) square inches or less. Plywood, particle board, painted, coated, or stained wood are not acceptable for burning. Check with the attendant before placing items on the burn pile. Leaves, pine needles, garden waste, and lawn clippings do not go in the burn pile please. See attendant before dumping these as well.

Demolition Material: Includes treated wood, roofing shingles, sheet rock, etc. Demolition materials are only accepted directly from Jaffrey Residents and non-resident owners of Jaffrey property with proof of property; or from contractors working on property within Jaffrey, with documentation of property ownership and contracting authorization. Please check with attendant before placing items in the rolloffs. Commercial or Industrial C+D is unacceptable.

Christmas Trees and Wreaths: Discarded natural trees and wreaths are accepted at the burn pile. They must be completely free of ornaments, tinsel, wires, and any other synthetic material.

Household Hazardous Waste Materials (HHWM): HHWMs are not accepted at the facility. These materials will only be collected during the annual HHW Collection Day, which is held once a year (Call the Department of Public Works for date and time 532-6521). A list of HHWMs can be obtained at the Transfer/Recycling Center.

4. Any other items that do not fit into the categories listed above should be placed in the compactor. The attendant will check bags and assist users as needed.

5. Questions about the Transfer Station/Recycling Center can be addressed to the attendants at the facility, or call 532-6819 (Transfer Station) or 532- 6521 (Department of Public Works).

Schedules for the Transfer Station/Recycling Center
are available upon request.


Jaffrey Roadside Cleanup
The Jaffrey Chamber of Commerce and the Town of Jaffrey sponsor a spring cleanup of Jaffrey's roadsides. Cleanup of the state numbered highways is typically taken care of by business and civic organizations. The Chamber of Commerce is hoping that individuals, schools, churches, or business organizations will volunteer to choose an area of street for this one-day cleanup.

For information call Cyndy Burgess at 532-7760 or Dick Grodin at 532-7935. Or email us at:


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