in dedication to the betterment of our community

our mission

A volunteer organization with a single purpose:
"In dedication to the betterment of our community."

our vision

The Jaffrey Chamber of Commerce is an organization of business people and individual citizens responsible for the partnership of enterprise and fellowship, with efforts toward the development and expansion of area business. By definition we are a "council of social intercourse," and therefore bound to our dedication to the betterment of our community through commerce. We bring together those who work with their hands, their heads, and their hearts to showcase the best of the Monadnock region. As the Jaffrey Chamber of Commerce looks to the future, we must create an atmosphere where commerce and community combine to create growth.

Toward this end the Jaffrey Chamber of Commerce plans to:

I. Create an environment to attract new businesses to the area, and encourage further development of businesses currently located in our community.

II. Attract and invite new businesses to the Jaffrey Chamber of Commerce by marketing our strengths and the tangible benefits of involvement in our organization.

III. Encourage and foster cooperative programs between local businesses and the citizens of Jaffrey.

IV. Enhance communication between area business people and the community.

V. Serve as an educational resource to the public regarding local businesses and community involvement opportunities.

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